Joshua Burgher


Joshua Burgher

“My experiences have provided me with the expertise needed to help organizations achieve and balance both their mission and financial objectives.”

Joshua Burgher is a Principal at PKF O’Connor Davies with more than 20 years of business experience. He specializes in consultation and advisory services.

Before joining PKF O’Connor Davies, Joshua was a COO, CFO, VP, Senior Vice Dean and faculty member at prestigious educational institutions such as Columbia University, Georgetown University and Golden Gate University. Specifically, his background includes managing and improving strategic planning, analytics, finance, administration, human resources and marketing for these academic organizations with the goal of ensuring continued financial sustainability and mission achievement.

Joshua began his career as a management consultant and focused on finance and performance management, as well as M&A transaction support services, primarily for the media, entertainment, and communications sectors at one of the big four firms.

Joshua studies impact optimization and teaches in the areas of strategy, analytics, and leadership.