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    We exist to serve clients at a higher level – going beyond passive value protection to active value creation at every step of every engagement. Are you getting the value you deserve?

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    We know that great service isn’t just about serving. It’s about solving problems. It’s about strategic thinking. It’s about being one step ahead. Are you falling behind?

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PKF O’Connor Davies is a new breed of accounting and advisory firm that holds itself to a higher standard – going beyond passive value calculation to active value creation. If you look at PKF O’Connor Davies, they may look like many other firms but we know it’s not what you provide that defines you, it’s how you provide it and who delivers it that makes all the difference.

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The U.S. Office of Budget and Management has released the 2019 Compliance Supplement, which comes with significant changes to the compliance requirements affecting colleges, universities and other higher education institutions that participate in the Student Financial Assistance programs provided by the Department of Education (DOE or Department), especially as it relates to reporting of single audit findings.

Doing nothing to protect your cyber infrastructure is not an option. This month’s edition of Cyber Roundup underscores the need for action. Contact Tom DeMayo with your cyber concerns.

Connecticut was once a tax haven. Those days are long gone. Now, it suffers from a branding problem. It is perceived as a state providing its constituents with one of the highest tax burdens in the country. According to some studies and pundits, this appears to be somewhat accurate. However, other findings show that it is more in the middle of the pack.

Grant-making is the heart of the private foundation industry and most commonly the largest expenditure. With grant‐giving in the billions of dollars annually, grant disbursements warrant proper due diligence. Due diligence has the potential to provide insight into critical attributes and the level of alignment between the Foundation’s mission and the goals of the grantee.


Mark Bednarz, Partner with the Firm’s Risk Advisory Services group will be exhibiting at ACUA AuditCon in Baltimore, MD. Stop […]

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Essential to our identity as a firm is our enduring commitment to service. We recognize that our success and well-being, both as a firm and as individuals, impart a responsibility to serve others. For us, this responsibility is also a privilege.

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