Public Sector Audits and Compliance

Public sector organizations are under close scrutiny. Standards are high for sound financial management and internal controls. Complying with federal rules and reporting requirements further taxes public sector leaders working to achieve mission-focused goals with limited funding and in-house support. To ease this burden, PKF O’Connor Davies’ public sector specialists provide comprehensive audit, review and compilation services.

With in-depth public sector auditing expertise, our specialists help navigate evolving and challenging compliance requirements and deliver auditing services for state and local governments as well as not-for-profit organizations. In fact, PKF O’Connor Davies has devoted special focus to serving the needs of non-profit groups since its inception and now serves nearly 2,000 organizations, performing more than 250 Single Audits (under Uniform Grant Guidance) each year.

Providing auditing services that help meet the rigorous requirements of the public sector.

The firm is a member of the Governmental Audit Quality Center and our specialists are deeply entrenched in the public sector with experience meeting U.S. generally accepted auditing standards, generally accepted government auditing standards, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ quality control standards. Our services include:

Audit Services

  • Financial statement audits
  • Compliance audits
  • Single Audits (under Uniform Grant Guidance)
  • Support for the affordable housing industry
  • State and local government audits
  • Employee benefit plan audits

Reviews of Internal Controls

  • Internal control reviews
  • Risk management review
  • Advisement on internal controls and procedural enhancements
  • Organization reviews

Operating and financial system reviews

  • Compilation, Assurance, Attestation Statements
  • Attestation reports (compilation services, reviews, agreed-upon procedures)
  • Assisting with obtaining financing and funding
  • Risk assurance statements
  • Audit responses and other notices
  • Treasury and OMB reporting