Business Owners: What Risks To Ponder Before Selling

Article Excerpt:

By Jonathan Moore, CPA, Partner

Many business owners share the same dream: one that begins with a simple knock on the door. They open it to encounter a well-funded buyer presenting an extravagant, unsolicited offer to buy their company. Yet, as appealing as this scenario may seem, it is rarely the route to a top dollar sale.

Instead, maximizing a business’ value requires a sound strategy, shrewd management and advance planning – none of which is particularly difficult but, all of which, requires expert guidance. As successful as entrepreneurs and owners may be, their talents typically lie in areas other than accounting, business valuation, financial reporting and quality of earnings analyses. Furthermore, they may not be objective in assessing a company which they lead and may have built from scratch.

*This article was featured in Family Wealth Report.

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