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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued definitive final regulations in July 2018 that enacted changes to the substantiation and reporting requirements for charitable contributions and are effective beginning July 30, 2018.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently issued its Operational Compliance List (OCL) to help plan sponsors and practitioners achieve operational and “form” (i.e., plan documentation) compliance by identifying changes in qualification requirements effective during a calendar year.

Our Employee Benefits Services Group (EBSG) has expended a lot of time reviewing restated 403(b) plan documents that record keepers, third party administrators, or other plan document preparers have provided to plan sponsors to review.

The weaponization ─ and subsequent monetization ─ of electronic data is clearly on display in this our second anniversary edition of Cyber Roundup. 

Boards of Directors and the not-for-profit organizations (NFPs) they serve have at least one thing in common: they come in all sizes and levels of sophistication. But regardless of their size or sophistication, all Boards are bound by a common duty to accept fiduciary responsibilities and provide operational oversight.