Digital Forensic Services

The continuing expansion of communication methods plays host to the unwanted parasites of fraud and exploitation. The more these platforms shift into the digital arena, the greater the need for specialized expertise to pursue and prevent abuse.

In the constantly changing digital arena, staying ahead of dangerous risk requires the highly specialized proficiency PKF O’Connor Davies professionals possess. Our teams combine in-depth assurance and tax accounting experience with forensics, analytical and litigation finesse. Leveraging backgrounds in new and emerging technologies, threats and trends, they investigate the full range of devices that store digital data – from mobile phones, USBs, tablets and computers to social media, clouds, company intranets, networks, archiving systems, file and mail servers.

Supporting clients in both the private and public sectors, our teams help design prevention strategies, pursue vulnerabilities and resolve incidents for corporate human resources, legal and internal audit departments as well as defense and prosecuting attorneys, law enforcement officers and government representatives.

Across all industries, our clients rely on us to operate quickly, cost-effectively and with uncompromising confidentiality and discretion.

Whether a client suspects or is certain that fraud has occurred, internal policies have been violated, or security has been compromised, our first step is to secure a detailed understanding of the potential problem and the circumstances surrounding it. In collaboration with the organization’s internal staff, we determine which areas should be examined and define optimal outcomes.

Our investigative team then identifies, collects and analyzes all relevant information, including that which may be hidden, deleted, encrypted or protected – always preserving vital data without disrupting material and systems needed for ongoing operations. We present our findings and recommendations in a concise, fully documented report. Throughout, our goal is to deliver meaningful results quickly in order to minimize the cost to the client.

Our professionals are regularly called upon to:

  • Verify the scope of the malfeasance.
  • Confirm or disprove suspicions prior to litigation.
  • Recover viewed, downloaded, transferred or erased data.
  • Extract data from mobile devices.
  • Identify those involved in suppressing, destroying or falsely manufacturing evidence.
  • Discern malicious motivation.
  • Secure and attribute criminal evidence.
  • Extract metadata to prove date and time of data input.
  • Confirm or refute assertions and alibis.
  • Isolate original sources; validate document authenticity.

Essential Prevention Solutions

A security breach, cybercrime or fraud event is the undeniable indication that there is a lapse in internal controls. To help prevent both a single occurrence and the potentially more dangerous long-term conspiracy, our experts address the violation, analyze both systems and processes and develop remediation plans.