Operational and Cost Effectiveness

As operational complexity and integration grow, executives are expected to secure a deeper understanding of a broader array of functions within the organization. For an individual, this may be a daunting task. For a team experienced in diverse operational and industry settings, it is the ideal task force initiative.

Uniquely qualified to assess the full range of an organization’s functional areas, our specialists have extensive backgrounds in finance, change management, process assessment and optimization as well as in-depth functional area and industry expertise.

As operations shift from cost center to command center, savvy managers embrace a new perspective on mitigating risk and driving profitability.

A New Vision for Operations: Mitigating Risk, Maximizing Profitability

Our clients benefit from the important findings, indispensable insights and innovative recommendations we deliver, enabling managers to resolve problematic issues and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

Our services include:

Operation Assessment and Improvement

  • Best Practices Assessment
  • Policy and Procedures Documentation and Optimization

Cost Reduction Analysis and Recommendations

  • Procurement, Purchasing and Spend Allocation
  • Collections and Receivables
  • Shared Services

Budgeting, Planning and Analytics

  • Financial Planning and Scenario Analysis
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Cost Allocations

Operations Optimization

Tapping an extensive set of best practices, our advisors examine the existing operating environment. They evaluate the effect of organizational changes, loss of critical staff, interdepartmental service demands as well as technology, employee and legal risk and the consolidation of activities or business units. Assessing performance, they document current activities, processes and procedures and capture key data points related to quality, timing and visibility. As a result, our clients are better equipped to:

  • Intensify cross-functional collaboration.
  • Redefine and redeploy capabilities.
  • Catapult cost efficiency.
  • Create and exploit competitive advantage.

Cost Effectiveness Optimization

Increasing revenue is integral to improving overall profitability. For organizations with limited resources, closer scrutiny and diligence on spending often enhance financial gain. Our clients rely on us to gauge how efficiently funds are being used and to identify opportunities for cost savings. On their behalf, we:

  • Leverage industry and peer data to assess expenses and identify opportunities to realign spending with industry standards.
  • Develop bottom-up operational models using key organization-specific assumptions to present and optimized expense structure and highlight cost reduction opportunities.
  • Identify areas in which alternative operating models, such as outsourcing or partnering, might yield additional cost savings

Beginning with a thorough assessment of expense allocation and spending, we provide client management with a clear analysis of our findings along with detailed recommendations, an estimate of potential savings and delineation of any investments needed to achieve net annual operational savings. Our support clients through the implementation process frequently accelerates cost reduction realization.