Strategy and Transformation

Significant shifts and fluctuations characterize a world in which staying abreast of change, much less ahead of it, is an ongoing challenge. Until recently, maintaining competitive position has required organizations to endure unending cycles of assessment, analysis, ideation, evaluation, decision-making and execution.

Now, our specialists mitigate this burden by revitalizing strategy and driving transformation to introduce a new level of sustainable success. With extensive backgrounds in finance, change management, process assessment and optimization, our professionals evaluate the full sweep of an organization’s diverse operations and resources in order to reframe critical business strategies and advance implementation initiatives.

A refined approach that inspires an intentional cultural shift and drives sustainable long-term success.

Innovative Growth Strategies: Designed, Aligned

Our management consulting professionals guide clients in identifying an appropriate desired future state and the strategies for achieving it, including organizational design, product mix, operational areas of focus and potential partnerships, among other pivotal issues. These decisions are weighty and complex, which is why our specialized analyses produce data-backed insights, inform discussion and enhance mission-critical decision making.

Implementation that Drives Transformation

Once strategic decisions have determined direction, the resulting action propels realization of the organization’s objectives. Often, the scope of change is broad and involves numerous departments and functional areas. Given limited available resources and pressure to execute, our clients rely on us for help determining the most efficient central project owner and aligning the elements key to a productive transformation – from people, processes and technology to governance and stakeholder engagement.

Many of our Partners and professionals have launched and re-launched companies, seminal experience that enables them to detect often-overlooked strategic and execution nuances essential to transformation. With commanding project and program leaders, powerful frameworks, communication tools, governance structures and templates, our support has proven invaluable to introducing new initiatives, changing processes, steering operational shift and driving effective overall transformation.

Our services include:

    Strategic Decision Support, Assessment and Enablement

    • Value Analysis of Current Activities
    • Product/Service Portfolio Analysis and Framework Development
    • Product Development
    • Partnerships
    • Assessment of Services Delivery Options (e.g. Outsourcing)

      Realizing Desired Objectives and Change

      • Current State Assessments
      • Stakeholder Engagement/Communication Planning and Execution
      • Program Management Office
      • Governance Support
      • Implementation Planning
      • Financial Business Case Development and Support

        Strategic Planning Process Enablement and Support

        • Annual Strategic Planning Process Development and Support
        • Financial Budgeting and Planning Linked to Strategic Plan
        • Strategic Plan Execution Management