Technology Advisory

Technology, essential and omnipresent, is the power by which businesses maximize productivity, achieve sustainable growth and success. But only when it’s the right technology: the precise tapestry of hardware, software, network, program and platforms woven together seamlessly, intelligently and strategically to advance an organization’s objectives and vision.

Digital transformation is key to enabling greater efficiency and innovation, data-driven decision-making, expanded customer engagement and sustainable growth.

Exceptional Support from Strategy to Success

Deep backgrounds in digital strategy and sophisticated technology equip our specialists to engineer the solutions required to thrive in today’s rapidly changing, tech-centric environment. Our clients rely on us to help create the foundation critical for growth: a strategy informed by their unique culture, target market, competitive landscape, KPIs and more. We then help select, secure and implement the technological power required to fulfill that goal, promoting enhanced operational efficiency and innovation, data-driven decision-making, expanded customer engagement and enduring growth.

Our services include:

  • Business and technical analysis and documentation
  • Technology architecture assessments and efficiency recommendations
  • System implementations:
    • CRM and ERP applications
    • Accounting platforms
    • Financial reporting systems
    • Portfolio management platforms
    • Data analytics tools
  • Data management, analytics and reporting
  • Vendor system selection and implementation
  • Technology budgeting and project management
  • Technology policies and procedures
  • API integrations

Expertise Across Size and Sector

Our technologists serve a diverse clientele, comprising organizations of every size across a multitude of industries and sectors.

For start-up ventures, we help develop a growth strategy that also entails a realistic and cost-effective investment in hardware, systems and software. Often, an outsourced Chief Technology Officer (CTO) can assist with vendor selection and negotiation, technology recommendations, set-up, rollout and monitoring.

For growing firms, we help design a right-scaled digital strategy that enables seizing promising growth prospects. We devise technology specifications that align with the organization’s business objectives and operations and then architect beneficial, sustainable digital solutions.

For our larger, well-established clients we deliver advice, assessments, digital architecture and more. We help target inefficiencies, stay ahead of regulatory and compliance issues and promote cross-functional innovation.

Extensive Resources

Leveraging strong, trusting relationships with the world’s leading tech providers, we deliver access our clients would not otherwise enjoy to extensive technology options. It is a priority for us to maintain objectivity in recommending the ideal selection for each client’s circumstances. Our agility, independence and lack of a static bureaucracy combine to produce a best-in-class approach that drives optimal results without excessive, unnecessary expense.

Tailored, Transformative Support

PKF O’Connor Davies Infographic to showcase transformative technology advisory and support for start-ups, mid-sized companies, and large organizations.