ESG, Sustainability and Impact Optimization

Impact is how organizations help drive innovative solutions to the challenges facing our world. Rather than focusing on profit only, these organizations strive to safeguard the environment, promote global health, strengthen societies. Impact awareness has long been a concern of small groups of committed constituents; now it is growing exponentially. As stakeholders increase their demand for impact, it is becoming as important to companies as core performance.

For organizations that have not yet addressed this demand, the risks are great. They include brand weakness, diminished market share, lost revenue, employee turnover, legal expenses and reputational threats. These vulnerabilities make it critical to establish a consolidated and inclusive Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) program that defines impact objectives, engages stakeholders and tracks, realizes and communicates meaningful results.

The expertise to create competitive advantage, mitigate risk, positively affect the world.

The Impact Imperative

Organizations that recognize the impact imperative have a dual opportunity: to do well and do good. Realizing both often requires the support of a team with an innate understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in making a difference in the world. PKF O’Connor Davies made a commitment to support mission-driven organizations at our founding in 1891. That dedication holds true today for the many clients we help do well and do good.

Our commitment and profound experience equip our talented advisors to add unique value. We introduce our clients to a sensible, systematic approach that includes:

  • Objective Development
  • Performance Metrics Establishment
  • ESG, Sustainability and Impact Readiness Assessments
  • Implementation Planning and Support
  • Impact Initiative Coordination and Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
  • Impact Objective Achievement Verification and Reporting
  • ESG and Impact Investing Due Diligence, Transformation and Enablement
  • Outsourced Chief Impact Officer (CIO)

Assessing The Impact Potential

Rapid and comprehensive, our process begins with an evaluation of the organization’s existing environmental and social impact mission, activities, capabilities, investments, gaps and potential. Our specialists conduct an Impact QuickScan assessment that details the organization’s current stance and how it might make and impact a competitive advantage.

Achieving The Impact Imperative

Guiding our clients from assessment to activation, our team leverages extensive experience to direct the development, measurement, management, communication, verification, reporting and continuous improvement of the organization’s impact program. Throughout, our partners are actively and regularly engaged, key to assuring a seamless and successful initiative regardless of its complexity.

Verifying and Reporting Success

Reporting on ESG, sustainability and impact objective realization is becoming commonplace as part of global investment assessment and corporate processes. In certain jurisdictions, it is a required regulatory reporting practice. Most organizations publish their sustainability and ESG reports and many are now taking the additional step of engaging reputable CPA or Chartered Accounting firms to perform attest services regarding these reports. We not only help our clients assess the appropriate and emerging set of reporting protocols, measurement standards and guidelines, we also provide services on sustainability reporting, including examinations, reviews and agreed-upon procedures services for public and private companies and not-for-profits.

Chief Impact Officer

The complexity and potential exposure of an impact initiative prompts many organizations to create an executive-level Chief Impact Officer role. For those that do not, we can fulfill these responsibilities on an outsourced basis, coordinating the integration of program elements and helping to align them with the organization’s core strategies and governance processes. We manage reporting and compliance and communicate with stakeholders. As a result, clients benefit from enhanced performance, visibility and accountability.