Family Advisory Services

Families of significant wealth (or Ultra-High-Net-Worth families) have complex lives and face unique challenges, often associated with multiple generations, legal entities and residences, family run businesses, foundations and family offices.

The Family Advisory Services Group understands that in order to successfully address these challenges and sustain a family’s wealth and legacy for multiple generations, it requires a new, modern approach to wealth management — one that manages a family’s wealth and legacy as you would a business enterprise and prepares the next generation for the transition of wealth.

This requires far more than financial expertise. It requires a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach and a team of professionals who are not conflicted and who have extensive expertise, credentials and experience.

That is why the Family Advisory Services Group developed a proprietary Strategic Family & Business Enterprise Planning and Implementation Process that delivers objective, strategic advisory solutions, that are conflict-free and fully integrate the following advisory services:

  • Wealth Planning and Structuring
  • Family Dynamics and Governance
  • Family Education
  • Private Business Owner
  • Philanthropy and Purpose Investments
  • Family Office

All services can be utilized separately, or on an a la carte basis, or as a fully integrated suite of services to support the development of your overall Family and Business Enterprise Plan ‒ a personalized roadmap of strategies that work in harmony to address all of your personal, financial, and business needs.

The Family Advisory Services Group is also committed to helping families execute their Plan in a seamless manner and ‒ along with their other advisors ‒ to ensure that it achieves all of the family’s goals and objectives. We will continuously monitor and review how the strategies we implement are performing, while taking into account any changes in the family’s life situation and the external environment.