Lifestyle Support

Successful businesses and significant wealth can create the need for balance among conflicting priorities, often requiring dedicated professional resources to sustain affluence and achieve prosperity.

PKF O’Connor Davies’ extensive lifestyle support capabilities enable high net worth clients to pursue the lives they envision for themselves and their families. Recognizing that there is never a single solution for the oversight of a family’s personal affairs, our professionals develop a customized plan designed to ensure that essential services are structured in accordance with each client’s wishes. An advanced technology infrastructure affords clients and their advisors the ability to access and monitor lifestyle support controls on an ongoing basis, at their convenience.

For a balanced life with time to pursue personal passions, professional priorities.

Our specialists help high net worth clients and their families:

  • Maintain personal and real property records
  • Manage documents and contracts
  • Review and monitor insurance: life, health, disability, property and liability
  • Coordinate health care, private security, estate management and major acquisitions and divestitures
  • Manage residences and other properties
  • Secure comprehensive and customized concierge services