Employee Testimonials

“The success of our Firm is directly connected to the success of our people and our teams, which is why we are committed to offering exceptional career opportunities: personal and professional growth, mentoring and networking in an environment of diversity and innovation.”

— Kevin J. Keane, Managing Partner

Here’s What Interns and Staff Members Are Saying


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“My first year working for PKF O’Connor Davies has been an amazing experience. Working with such a knowledgeable staff has created a lot of opportunities for learning and growth. I am very happy to be part of the PKF O’Connor Davies team.”
      — Molly Zagajeski, Tax Staff, Harrison

“I’ve come to enjoy working at PKFOD because of the diversity of its employees and professionals that make teamwork an experience of real camaraderie at all times.”
      — Diana Haddad, Audit Staff, Harrison

“Like any good family, PKFOD took me in and ensured, since my internship, that I have the resources and information I need to excel and be a well-versed professional.”
      — Abdias Myrtil, Audit Staff (former Audit Intern), New York City

“The high degree of inclusivity at PKF O’Connor Davies makes the transition into the workplace smooth and enjoyable, while giving interns the feeling that they’ve always been a part of the Firm.”
      — Jacob Krowicki, Intern, Cranford

“My first year experience here at PKF O’Connor Davies has been exceptional. The onboarding process was well organized and I am elated to be working alongside such professional, kind and helpful co-workers.”
      — Shauna-Ann Allen, Audit Staff, New York City

“The internship program at PKF O’Connor Davies provides an organized and highly motivating experience that intertwines a professional, educational and dynamic culture.”
      — Adam Greene, Audit Intern, Harrison

“The people at PKF O’Connor Davies are very down-to-earth and are great to work with.”
      — Sarah Vindigni, Audit and Tax Intern, New York City

“As an employee fresh out of college, working at PKF O’Connor Davies has been a great and rewarding experience. PKFOD has a comfortable and friendly work environment, great people to work with and a ton of opportunity to learn and achieve your goals.”
      — Lucia D’Agostino, Tax Staff (former Audit and Tax Intern), Harrison

“My experience here at PKF O’Connor Davies has been nothing short of amazing due to the continuous help I got from members of the PKFOD team and the knowledge I’ve gained through on-the-job audits.”
      — James Harrison, Audit Intern, Harrison

“As a first-year intern, I truly feel like a member of the PKF O’Connor Davies family. I have worked with nearly all levels of management and on an engaging group project with the rest of the interns.”
      — Jacob Fishkin, Audit Intern, Harrison

“From the first phone call interview with HR to my first day at the office, the entire PKFOD staff has been overwhelmingly welcoming and has created a work environment in which interns feel equal to their co-workers and aren’t intimidated to ask questions – even of senior partners.”
      — Alexandra Leslie, Audit Intern, Bethesda

“Interning at PKF O’Connor Davies has been a wonderful experience filled with opportunities to engage with clients and work with extremely helpful team members.”
      — Jillian White, Audit Intern, Livingston

“My mentors and co-workers at PKF O’Connor Davies are genuinely interested in me and my goals for the future and have given me great school and career advice!”
      — Liberty D’Anton, Audit Intern, Bethesda

“I have interned with PKF O’Connor Davies for two summers now and during this time, I found that this internship was very engaging. The employees were very kind and helpful, and I have learned a lot about the field I plan on working in in the future.”
      — Joseph Grossi, Audit Intern, New York City

“The PKFOD recruitment process has the best combination of being professional in times where it is needed, but also understanding and caring about the individual’s needs.”
      — Anthony Sebastiani, Audit Intern, New York City