5 Myths About Accounting: Busted!

Word on the street is that college students are missing out by not exploring a major in accounting because of what they think they know about the field. PKF O’Connor Davies is setting the record straight. We’re here to bust these myths and give you the real facts about accounting.


Doesn’t accounting mean tedious number crunching all the time? It’s all math!


Fun fact: a strong mathematical background is not required to become an accountant. Don’t believe us? Let’s reconsider what accounting is.

Accounting is the “Language of Business” – it provides an understanding of whether a business is working, or not. It is a career for naturally curious people. It’s like a puzzle. An accountant can look at complex information and data and make sense of it all. You solve business challenges by organizing the data into financial statements, reports, tax returns or other presentations to tell an accurate story.

PKF O’Connor Davies also has a robust advisory practice. This means that in addition to helping our clients file taxes, we offer many consulting services to help them achieve their business goals. Our experts can analyze technological statistics and data processes, help develop strategic plans, work on mergers and acquisitions, perform cybersecurity risk tests and even offer investment banking services via PKF Investment Banking. To our clients, we are more than accountants – we are trusted advisors too.


I don’t want to be bored at work. I want to find something I am passionate about!


If we haven’t already convinced you by sharing some of the interesting services that accountants and advisors offer, consider this. As an accountant and advisor, you are exposed to all types of businesses with so much to learn and potential to find what most interests you.

Nearly every company that you know and love has a team of accountants working for them. And those accountants need auditors to ensure that all processes are being followed according to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP (in case the math ain’t mathin’). PKF O’Connor Davies specializes in servicing more than 65 different industries. With this broad range, we encourage our staff to explore internal opportunities and find their passions.


I will be stuck behind my desk from 9-5 and beyond that. Will I ever see the light of day?


You will work hard as an accountant, no doubt about it. However, we offer flexible work opportunities where you can adjust your schedule to meet your needs. Research shows that Gen Z prefers hybrid work, and we hear you! Office enthusiasts never fear, if you work best behind a desk, we have a lot of them.

Working flexibly does not mean missing out on the interpersonal relationships. PKF O’Connor Davies works to help nurture those relationships, no matter the circumstance.

“One thing I do to maintain personal relationships with people who work remotely is come up with icebreakers to start conversations off on a fun note rather than just jumping into the work. I care about my team and want them to know that.”
Devon Connors, Supervisor


A healthy work-life balance is nearly impossible. But I want to see my family and friends! I want to travel! And maybe start a family of my own one day…


During busy times, teams may be expected to work longer hours. Since this is well known, it’s predictable and therefore easier to plan your life around, unlike other fields with pressures year-round that can be disruptive at any moment.

PKF O’Connor Davies balances the reality of busy times with flexibility. Flexible schedules, remote work, generous PTO, summer Fridays off and a secondment program (temporary international positions) foster an environment that encourages balance:

“I have a 5-year-old and 3-year-old twins at home, so the flexibility that I have allows me to continue to grow my career as a professional and be a mom to our kids. I feel like I’m very, very lucky to have both and work at a firm that supports me.”
Alyssa Leach, Senior Manager

It makes it much easier to enjoy other aspects of your life when you have a steady, recession-proof career.


I need to join a Big Four to succeed. Even my professor told me this…


Well, if you do choose a job in accounting, there are certainly more than four firms. There are hundreds of boutique, mid-size and larger firms. It is up to you to determine your fit.

Our 2 cents: working at a mid-size firm offers the benefits of working at a larger firm while also giving you the opportunity to be a go-to for your clients. Our opportunities do just that.

“My first year working for PKF O’Connor Davies was an amazing experience. Working with such a knowledgeable staff created a lot of opportunities for learning and growth. I am very happy to be part of the PKF O’Connor Davies team.”
Molly Zagajeski, Supervisor

PKF O’Connor Davies is built for the changing business environment, one that requires smart, diverse and curious people. We are redefining what it means to be an accountant. If there are any other myths standing in the way of you choosing this career path, let us know! We’d love to bust them for you!