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Welcome to Our Inaugural Issue!

Successful family offices thrive because they continually seek knowledge and leverage the insight it produces. Our Family Office specialists are honored to have served such families throughout our long history – and for many of them, through multiple generations. We understand the complexities of family dynamics and the strategies for preserving and expanding wealth. In this newsletter, our own thought leaders, in collaboration with renowned contributing experts, explore opportunities for taking Another Step Ahead toward fulfilling lives, enriched experiences and meaningful legacies.

Wealth Planning

The Biden’s Administration Tax Proposals

The recently released 2022 federal budget along with its accompanying “Green Book,” proposes nearly $4 trillion in additional tax revenue over the next decade. It includes a new framework for taxing capital gains and accumulated wealth that would make almost all appreciation taxable when assets are sold, transferred or at death. Read more >>

Family Advisory

Preparing the Next Generation for Ownership in a Dynamic World 

“What should we share about our family holdings and when?” This may be one of the most frequently asked questions that wealthy parents (or guardians) grapple with. This article provides a framework for strengthening the capabilities and resilience of the next generation. Read more >>


Family Philanthropy: Bridging the Generation Gap and Working Together

Philanthropy is a proven platform for sharing family values with the next generation and building new financial management and collaborative skills. This article explores the “how,” “why” and “ROI” of using philanthropy as a bridge to future generations. Read more >>


Impact and Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

Today, more and more families are seeking high-impact socially responsible investments (SRIs). This article presents considerations for choosing SRIs, including goals and objectives, impact/investment sourcing, assessment of risk/reward, performance measurement and its legal structure, financial oversight and terms. Read more >>

Family Office Dynamics 

Fortify Your Family Office through Best Practices and Internal Controls

For single family offices, it can be difficult to stay abreast of changing tax laws, advances in technology, cybersecurity threats and complex asset structures. An effective solution is to formalize family office operations, adopting a business-oriented approach. This article describes the advantages of, and steps essential to, establishing a sound framework of best practices and internal controls that can streamline and strengthen financial management. Read more >>


Medicine is the New Frontier

The 2020s will be the most significant decade for medical technology in history. The speed of progress in medical research and technology is unprecedented. Explore how gene therapy, synthetic biology and mitochondrial medicine will solve the most difficult health issues plaguing the world today. Read more >>

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