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Recently, the AICPA released the first Statement on Standards for Forensic Services (SSFS). The statement was issued by the Forensic and Valuation Services Executive Committee of the AICPA (FVS Executive Committee).

In a progressively complex financial landscape, corporations are facing a growing number of civil claims filed by shareholders and other stakeholders alleging financial fraud or misappropriation of assets or funds. In response, building a civil defense becomes much like a game of chess – a match of skill and strategy.

While hope springs eternal, it’s probably safe to say that we will never be 100% inoculated against cybercrime. That’s why being on high alert continues to be the way to go.

Sometimes “sound bites” help us to remember actions we need to take. With this edition of Cyber Roundup, some readers might consider the following statements made in this issue as good advice which, if heeded, can help to secure your cyber peace of mind.