Podcast: Family Office Fire Drill “What If” Scenario Disaster Planning

Following is a podcast of Family Office Fire Drill “What If” Scenario Disaster Planning hosted by the Family Office Association and presented by PKF O’Connor Davies Family Office.

Link to podcast here

During this important presentation, vital information was offered on preparing ahead to reduce economic disruption and protect family enterprises, which are more important than ever given the current pandemic. Discover how to design and implement an effective plan for meeting the challenge of a medical emergency affecting a key family member, employee or advisor.   

Topics addressed included best practices for:

  • Identifying potential issues and challenges
  • Planning actions, responses and inter-family communications
  • Assessing current roles and assigning mid-crisis responsibilities
  • Assembling a Crisis Management team
  • Prioritizing difficult decisions and resolving conflict
  • Balancing income needs of individual family members
  • Managing operational, legal, tax, wealth transfer considerations
  • Upholding philanthropy, succession and legacy directives
  • Reviewing and updating the plan periodically, as warranted


Angelo Robles
Founder and Chairman
Family Office Association
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Philip Strassler
President and CEO
Strassler Associates
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Gemma Leddy, CPA
PKF O’Connor Davies Family Office
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Marc L. Rinaldi, CPA
Partner-in-Charge, Financial Services
PKF O’Connor Davies LLP
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