PKF O’Connor Davies Announces Updated Flexible Work Policy and Enhanced Benefit Offerings

Evolved ‘Schedule Your Work Week Policy’ balances strong Firm culture with adaptable schedules

PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP, one of the nation’s largest accounting, tax and advisory firms, today announced key updates to its “Schedule Your Work Week Policy” hybrid work program. These updates incorporate the best practices and approaches that have emerged over the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic into the program, which remains among the most flexible in the industry. These updates are designed to maximize the mentoring and team building that comes with on-site work while empowering Firm’s employees to retain greater control over their professional and personal lives. Additionally, the Firm announced a four-day Summer Schedule Pilot Program and enhanced bonus schedule, furthering its commitment to fostering an industry-leading culture and benefits package.

“Despite the challenges and changes of the last two years, one thing remains clear: We work better when we work together,” said Kevin J. Keane, Executive Chairman at PKF O’Connor Davies. “Our updated policies are a focused effort to maintain the flexible working conditions that have worked so well while fostering the collaboration, mentoring and team building that defines our culture. With those goals in mind, we’re also unveiling key enhanced benefits that underscore our focus on giving our team members the skills and incentives they need to drive our Firm forward.”

The updated policy provides key guidance based on team members’ roles within the Firm and their wishes when it comes to where and how they work. Team members who prefer to work in the office full-time will be welcomed, and locations will continue to follow all COVID-19 guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Team members who are currently approved to be fully remote will continue to have that option. Team members with a hybrid arrangement are encouraged to work from any of the Firm’s physical locations eight days a month.

As part of the plan, these on-site days will be selected in coordination with team members and leaders to strategically maximize client service and culture building opportunities. These updated policies will lead to a more collaborative hybrid working environment while ensuring team members are safe and feel safe when they’re in the office.

In addition to the “Schedule Your Work Week Policy” updates, the Firm announced two new benefits that further its commitment to a flexible and high-performing culture. The Firm’s enhanced bonus program includes an increase to the amount allocated to the bonus pool and accelerates the annual review process to better align with Learning and Development initiatives.

The Firm also unveiled its 2022 Summer Schedule Pilot Program, which allows team members to work four days a week during summer months, provided they still meet productivity and hours-worked requirements during each week.

“We are continuously looking for ways to be an industry leader in providing a meaningful work/life balance and rewarding our high-performing team members,” said Dawn Perri, Chief Human Resources Officer at PKF O’Connor Davies. “The updates to our hybrid work policy, along with these additional benefits, are really a reflection of the great work our people do day in and day out. It’s their commitment to client service that fuels our culture and our ability to implement flexible schedules and meaningful incentives.”

PKF O’Connor Davies continues to expand through organic growth and acquisitions. It has supported this growth with a strategic combination of promoting from within coupled with an ongoing focus on top-tier external hires.