PKF Worldwide Tax Update – Spring 2021

The current PKF Worldwide Tax Update is now available to those organizations and individuals with business and investment interests around the globe. This publication is a compilation of significant tax changes and amendments from around the globe, each followed by commentary from PKF international tax professionals.

Of the many articles featured, here are just a few:

  • Austria ‒ Corona relief measures and ATAD interest cap introduced.
  • France ‒ Annual tax of 3% on real estate: hard impact in case of a repeat offense.
  • Germany ‒ Increased duty to cooperate in foreign matters.
  • Ghana ‒ Establishment of Tax Appeals Board and transfer pricing changes.
  • Hong Kong ‒ Abolition of doubled ad valorem stamp duty on non-residential property transactions.
  • Italy ‒ Impact of COVID-19 on tax residence in Italy.
  • Mexico ‒ IRS renews agreement to avoid double taxation with respect to maquiladora regime.
  • South Africa ‒ Tax relief for expatriates “trapped” in South Africa during lockdown.
  • United Arab Emirates ‒ Various tax updates: Economic substance regulations, CbC reporting, tax treaties, and VAT and excise duties.
  • United Kingdom ‒ BREXIT: the impact on global mobility from January 1, 2021.

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In addition, the 2020/21 PKF Worldwide Tax Guide is available online.

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