Webinar Replay: DeFi Defies Market Tradition – What You Should Know

Crypto is more than Bitcoin or Ethereum. With Decentralized Finance, referred to as “DeFi,” everyone has access to digital assets through a public blockchain network. In a single year, investors who “stake” cryptocurrency can earn significant returns on their collateral and some DeFi assets have increased more than 200% in value. Investor appeal and activity are increasing while, until recently, regulation and oversight have been negligible or non-existent.

It’s no wonder that well established hedge fund and private equity managers are launching cryptocurrency funds and FinTech companies. Market participants – including traditional banks, brokerage houses and investment banks – are gauging how they might be affected or even disintermediated as blockchain and DeFi could take market share from them.

Watch an insight-filled webinar on DeFi in which our specialists and a leading crypto-innovator introduce this dynamic new investment vehicle, explore what you need to know and forecast how it could change the investment arena.

Webinar Replay Here

Key Topics:

  • Introduction to DeFi: its definition, operation and potential.
  • The types of platforms and assets involved.
  • How DeFi and related assets differ from the broader crypto market.
  • DeFi and the assets created through the lens of institutional investors and counterparties.
  • How DeFi’s underlying technologies could disrupt traditional finance (trading, lending, borrowing and staking.)

PKF O’Connor Davies
Marc L. Rinaldi, CPA, Digital Assets Practice Leader

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Julian Hosp, CEO & Co-Founder, Cake DeFi
Doug Schwenk, CEO, Digital Asset Research