Webinar Replay: Key State Tax Strategies During the Pandemic

This webinar offered an in-depth look at State and Local Tax (SALT) challenges and opportunities created by today’s unprecedented work environment. Our tax specialists explored a promising approach to New York City’s Unincorporated Business Tax and how to manage nexus issues when employees telecommute. Also explained were strategies for taxpayers working outside their state of residency and the home office deduction for certain taxpayers.

Webinar Replay Here

Key Topics:

  • A NYC Unincorporated  Business Tax Strategy to Follow Now: Discover how partnerships, LLCs and self-employed individuals providing services during the pandemic can reduce the NYC single-factor apportionment.
  • Residency Issues and the Pandemic: We will answer common questions and decipher misconceptions about the implications of employees changing their residency during the pandemic.
  • Nexus Implications of Telecommuting: Discover how a single employee can trigger additional tax for a company and how to handle it.
  • The Home Office Deduction: Learn who can benefit and how to take advantage of this deduction when working at home now.​​​​​​​
PKF O’Connor Davies
Sandy Weinberg, JD, Principal
Steven Eller, CPA, Partner
Alan Kufeld, CPA, Partner
Jill Cantor, CPA, Senior Manager

CPE is not offered for webinar replays