Webinar Replay: Pitfalls of Drafting Post-Closing Purchase Price Adjustments for Purchase and Sale Agreements

When purchase and sale agreements contain post-closing purchase price adjustment provisions, there is often the likelihood that the post-closing purchase price adjustment amount may be disputed and trigger litigation. Frequently, litigation results from agreement provisions that are poorly drafted from an accounting perspective. This webinar highlights some of the pitfalls to avoid when drafting these provisions and demonstrates how careful and correct drafting can help prevent litigation.  

Webinar Replay Here

Key Topics:

  • Common pitfalls in drafting post-closing purchase price adjustments
  • Language that may lead to litigation or arbitration
  • How to properly draft post-closing purchase price adjustment provisions

Featured Speakers and Hosts:
Mariah Hanlon, Manager, Boston Bar Association
Bobby Earles, Partner, Cooley
Elisabeth O. da Silva, CPA, CFF, Partner, DGC
Dennis S. Neier, CPA, CFF, Senior Advisor, DGC