Webinar Replay: Value Series on Risk Management – Optimizing Data Value. Minimizing Data Risk.

The panel discussion explored why data, so critical to business success, presents reputational, regulatory and other risks that are expanding rapidly in today’s increasingly digital arena. Experts in data science, insurance and risk management tackled issues of security, dark data, privacy and more, each introducing a unique perspective. Combined, their insights intend to equip you as a business owner, financial manager or auditor to understand how much data you have access to, which data you need, what data is worthless and which data is at risk.

Webinar Replay Here

As an attendee, you will have access to a trial version of Reveles, artificial intelligence data analytic software that you can use to identify your company’s data risk.

Key Topics:

  • What Your Greatest Data Risks Are
  • How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence Analytic Tools to Identify Them
  • Best Practices for Optimizing Data Governance, Management and Security

Who Should Attend:
Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Business Analysts, Internal Auditors.

Featured Speakers and Hosts:
Mark Bednarz, Risk Advisory Lead Partner, PKF O’Connor Davies
Paul King, SVP and National Cyber Practice Leader, USI Insurance Services
Reuben Vandeventer, CEO, Second Sight