Webinar Replay: Value Series on Tax and Financial Planning – Economic, Investment and Tax Implications of the 2020 Election

The economy typically performs better in an election year but this year all bets are off. Even the pollsters are unsure what lies ahead. Will today’s sea of uncertainty subside after the election to promote market calm or a tsunami of negativity? This webcast discussion by specialists explored strategies for protecting and preparing for whatever outcome lies in store for taxpayers, the economy and financial markets.

Webinar Replay Here

Key Topics:

  • The Impact of the U.S. Election on Global Financial Markets
  • What Does a Republican or Democratic Victory Mean to Investors?
  • Tax Volatility: Coping with the New Normal
  • Election-Related Income and Estate Tax Planning: What to Do and When to Do It

Hosts and Moderators:

Gemma Leddy, CPA and Partner-in-Charge, PKF O’Connor Davies Family Office
Terrence P. Yanni, Senior Director, BNY Wealth Management

Featured Speakers:

Thomas Riggs, Tax Partner and Managing Director, PKF O’Connor Davies Financial Services
Leo Grohowski, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, BNY Wealth Management