Peer Review Services

It’s been more than three decades since the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) mandated peer reviews for CPA firms. However, it can still be difficult for some companies to find reviewers appropriate to their needs. Given that these reviews must generally be undertaken every three years and are required to maintain licensing in most states, it’s important to secure a trusted and qualified resource for this service. PKF O’Connor Davies specialists are available to provide you with in-depth expertise to help you navigate through this complicated, daunting process.

Deep, diverse experience and formidable credentials.

Our specialists are adept at examining CPA firms’ accounting and auditing practices, which helps them maintain the trust of their own valued clients. Conducting both Systems and Engagement Reviews, our professionals leverage their own rich backgrounds in audit, quality control, reviews and compilation services to both public sector organizations and private firms in virtually every industry. Further, our focused subsector specialization helps optimize relevance and provides a framework for providing guidance and support on other issues that may arise following the review.

Our broad experience is fundamental to understanding precisely what is important to a sound peer review.

Proficiency. Independence. Credibility.

Our peer review clients rely on our specialists for thorough, accurate and independent practice monitoring precisely because we deliver the following valuable benefits:

  • Thorough, highly respected expertise in all aspects of audit and assurance.
  • Deep, diverse experience in a full range of industries.
  • Sector specializations that help eliminate time spent on less important elements and expedite completion.
  • In-depth System Reviews that assess quality controls and incorporate staff interviews, record reviews and more.
  • Thorough Engagement Reviews that examine select projects and include reviews and compilations.
  • Open communications – clear, easy-to-understand reports that meet AICPA requirements.
  • Genuine insight that produces meaningful information in a timely and cost-efficient manner.