Transfer Pricing Services

The rising volume and variety of intercompany transactions and international tax regulations, along with increasing enforcement, have made transfer pricing a leading risk management issue for global businesses.

Recognized for our tax and transfer pricing expertise, PKFOD specialists deliver indispensable support to multinational companies and growing businesses across a range of industries. Our clients rely on us for strategic tax planning, accurate valuations, reporting and documentation as well as effective dispute resolution. With extensive knowledge of domestic and global taxation regulations, we understand the nuances of differing international requirements and translate them into solutions that help mitigate risk and promote corporate profitability.

When commerce crosses the border, tax expertise becomes essential.

National Presence, International Fluency

Complex global regulations require organizations of every size to secure expertise that is both expansive enough to include knowledge of all relevant countries and specific enough to reflect understanding of different national regulations. As a leading member of one of the few networks to meet this challenge, we are the primary North American representative of the international Association of PKF member firms. Through offices in over 400 cities and 150 countries across five continents, global transfer pricing professionals help our clients fulfill the regulation’s guidelines, avoid exposure to penalties and negative publicity, sustain cross-border operations and maintain profitability.

Comprehensive, Continuous Support

Our professionals leverage their experience to help organizations establish protocols and procedures for meeting the regulation’s guidelines in an effective and ongoing manner. In addition, they provide expert assistance with the analysis and preparation of U.S. transfer pricing documentation and intercompany transfer pricing reports. Supporting our clients through every aspect of compliance and beyond, our experience is indispensable for:

  • Planning: To develop economically supportable transfer pricing policies and sustainable tax planning.
  • Compliance and Documentation: To assist with the analysis and documentation of transactions between related parties in order to promote consistency with the arm’s-length principle for tax purposes.
  • Implementation: To help develop and implement appropriate policies, procedures and systems for establishing, monitoring and documenting intercompany tax transactions.
  • Dispute Resolution: To help resolve transfer pricing disputes through examinations, appeals and alternative processes, advance pricing agreements as well as the competent authority process and arbitration.