PKF Investment Banking: M&A Advisory Services

Welcome to PKF Investment Banking, where we transform businesses through strategic mergers and acquisitions. Our comprehensive suite of M&A services is designed to help companies maximize value at every stage of the process. With our unmatched expertise, global reach, and client commitment, you can trust us to deliver the right solutions tailored to your unique needs.

PKF O’Connor Davies Capital, LLC (DBA PKF Investment Banking) is the investment banking affiliate of PKF O’Connor Davies committed to serving the lower middle market with expertise, extensive resources, insight, confidentiality and integrity. Securities-related transactions are processed through an unaffiliated broker dealer, Burch & Company, Inc.

Discover the PKF Investment Banking difference. Partner with us to leverage our extensive industry knowledge, cutting-edge financial expertise, and commitment to your success. Together we’ll unlock your company’s full potential and create lasting value for all stakeholders.

What is M&A?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a way for companies to grow, gain market share, and increase its products and service offerings. Mergers combine two organizations into one, while acquisitions occur when one company purchases another. M&A transactions are complex and involve financial analysis, strategic negotiations, and regulatory compliance. Our experienced M&A advisory team will navigate the intricacies of these complicated transactions with personalized attention from strategy to execution.

Benefits of M&A Advisory Services

Experience the unique benefits of our M&A services, where we leverage a large pool of potential buyers and sellers to create more choices for our clients and increase the potential for success. Additionally, take advantage of customized execution, subject matter experts, a deep well of resources, an experienced senior team, and exceptional service and delivery.

Delivering exceptional guidance through every step of the process along with the expertise to maximize value and enhance certainty to close.

M&A: Sell-Side Advisory

AT PKF Investment Banking, we understand every sell-side transaction presents unique challenges and is driven by different goals. Our sell-side advisory services are designed to meet your specific needs. Our team will address the complexities and guide negotiations to secure the best outcome. Whether your goal is to maximize financial return, ensure a cultural fit, or a speedy exit, at PKF Investment Banking, we’re committed to turning your objectives into reality. Experience the power of a tailored strategy where your goals are our mission.

Primary Activities Include:

  • Preparation: Conduct a thorough business analysis, address potential buyer concerns, develop growth plan, review financial performance, address tax matters and assemble the right professional team.
  • Marketing Materials: Create compelling marketing, financial models, and narrative to attract potential buyers.
  • Identifying Buyers: We’ll conduct buyer research and outreach and determine the best strategic and financial buyers globally.
  • Negotiation: Our advisory team will evaluate and manage the negotiating process advising on value, structure, terms, quality of buyers and certainty to close.
  • Closing Transaction: Our advisory team will drive the closing process, coordinating with legal counsel and other professionals, and resolve deal issues while ensuring all conditions are met within an agreed-upon timeframe with milestones and deadlines.
  • Post-Sale Transition: We can assist with any post-sale transitions in addition to advice on value, structure, terms and process, quality of buyers, and certainty to close. 

M&A: Acquisition Advisory

Acquisition advisory transactions present unique challenges. PFK Investment Banking is committed to mitigating these complexities while providing you with expert guidance throughout each phase of the process.

Primary Activities Include:

  • Strategy Development: Create an acquisition strategy and search criteria.
  • Target Identification: Research and build a target company list. Conduct marketing campaigns to reach targets.
  • Due Diligence: Our team will advise on due diligence process and issues and assist our client to conduct comprehensive due diligence to evaluate the target company’s business, including financial performance, operational capabilities, legal considerations, and risks.
  • Deal Structure & Negotiations: We’ll design the best deal structure while considering financing, tax implications, and additional factors to secure the best possible deal.

M&A: Transaction Planning and Exit Readiness

We understand the intricacies involved in M&A transaction planning and exit readiness. A complex process that needs careful timing, strategic preparation, and a laser focus on maximizing value. With unmatched support, our team of advisors will guide you toward a successful and lucrative exit that aligns with your company’s future vision. We’ll conduct a comprehensive business assessment of financial performance, operations, growth plans, key business metrics, financial reporting and human resources, and legal and tax matters.

Primary Activities Include:

  • Strategic Planning: Defining objectives, identifying ideal buyers, reviewing and identifying KPIs, and other factors.
  • Business Valuation: Assess the company’s value and analyze financial statements, forecasts, market conditions, and transactions.
  • Operational & Financial Optimization: Develop actions to increase a business’s value, financial performance, and efficiency. Assist with the development of a growth plan as needed.
  • Review Transaction Timing: Review and strategize the timing to align with optimal market conditions, performance, and buyer availability.

Benefits of M&A Advisory Services

Our M&A Services blend industry expertise, and strategic insights, with a client-focused approach to deliver unmatched support and representation. Our mission is to help you navigate this complex financial landscape, so you maximize your financial value and achieve your objectives.

M&A Focused Specialization
Senior-level Professionals with impressive records in high-profile deals with insights and intelligence for informed risk-reward decisions.

Broad Industry Experience
Experience both domestically and globally, in public and private sectors and with Fortune 500 corporations

Unmatched Marketing Insights
With tactical marketing backgrounds, our partners focus on positioning, promotion, and presentation for capital marketing transactions.

Consistent, High-Level Support
A dedicated team is involved at each stage, from initial meetings through strategy and every aspect of the transaction process to final closing.

Global Representation – Local Connections
Through our partnership with PKF International Network, we can provide buyers and sellers with exceptional services and benefits, including:

  • Contractual Due Diligence
  • Corporate Finance
  • Forensic & Fraud Investigations
  • Litigation Support
  • M&A Transaction Support
  • Valuation & Appraisals

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