PKF Clear Thinking

Amid today’s evolving global, economic and digital ecosystems, a growing number of organizations are discovering that traditional solutions fall short and complex options demand significant time and expertise. In their search for tactical, financial and operating alternatives, our clients find in our specialists the ideal blend of experience and insight to deliver clear direction and practical, actionable strategies for every stage of the business life cycle.

PKF Clear Thinking, a subsidiary of PKF O’Connor Davies, offers advisory services that help companies succeed at any stage of their life cycle. We engage with healthy companies to create value and work with troubled companies to preserve value. Our track record and years of experience working on hundreds of successful engagements has propelled us to become a trusted and respected advisor.

We help healthy companies create the value necessary to drive sustainable growth and help troubled entities preserve value as they undertake their next chapter.

With a laser focus on trends in complex industries, our senior professionals leverage profound experience to address specific issues and customize strategies for organizations in a wide range of sectors, including consumer product manufacturing, solar energy, fashion, corrugated packaging, specialty printing, telecommunications, construction, temporary staffing and retail. Their solutions reflect deep expertise in operations, logistics, process and productivity improvement, strategic financial planning, restructuring, organizational planning and acquisition assessment. Many of our advisors have served as interim CEOs, CFOs and CROs, among other leadership and executive management roles.

Our services include:

  • Process and Performance Improvement: Strategies for Pursuing Growth, Creating Value
  • Financial Advisory and Restructuring: Facing Challenge, Preserving Value
  • Creditor’s Rights: Seeking Maximum Return in Bankruptcy

What Sets Us Apart?

Senior-Level Engagement, Consistent Representation
Our senior leaders are closely involved in every engagement, providing the benefits of powerful experience and consistent, high-level leadership while assuring privacy and discretion.

Tailored, Cost-Effective Solutions
Our size enables us to drive efficiencies, uncover opportunities and manage risk — delivering value where others can’t.

Rigorous Diagnostic Process
All engagements begin with our data-driven business analysis.

Total Life Cycle Coverage
We help clients capture new opportunities and address challenges at any stage of their life cycle.

Industry-Focused Expertise
We offer an exceptional breadth of experience across diverse industries and sectors.

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