Webinar Replay: NFP Executive Forum – Risk and Opportunity in a Changing Environment

Watch this webinar designed to guide not-for-profits in identifying and preparing for potential new risks in a post-pandemic environment. Our experts share insights and proactive ideas executive management and Board members can use to address risks associated with governance, operations, cyber controls and even tax filings, through a sound risk management program. 

Webinar Replay Here

Key Topics:

  • How to save time and stress by initiating a proactive risk management program.
  • Current cybersecurity trends and the evolving landscape – How to best defend your organization and develop a vigorous incident response strategy.
  • IRS Form 990 – How to avoid common red flags and risk areas which could lead to an IRS inquiry and potentially expensive consequences.

Mark Piszko, Partner-in-Charge, Not-for-Profit Services Group

Featured Speakers:
Garrett Higgins, Partner-in-Charge, Exempt Organizations Tax & Advisory Services Group
Melissa Modelson, Senior Manager, Exempt Organizations Tax & Advisory Services Group
Joshua Burgher, Principal, Management Advisory Services Group
Thomas DeMayo, Principal, Cyber Security and Privacy Advisory