Accounting Outsourcing

Both transitory and complex, today’s business landscape reflects the influence of events and trends on reporting requirements and government regulations. Management teams are overextended and many companies do not enjoy the luxury of an in-house accounting staff. The support PKF O’Connor Davies’ specialists provide allows corporate leaders to focus on core business operations while feeling confident in the diligence of our review process and the accuracy of our reporting.

Rely on proven expertise for support with an array of accounting functions.

Whether outsourcing part or all of the accounting process, our clients rely on our experience for help documenting the expansion of business operations, meeting complex compliance requirements and streamlining process efficiency. We can assist with the full range of essential accounting functions, including:

  • Comprehensive financial statement reporting, management dashboards and board reporting
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Advisement on internal accounting controls
  • Inventory cost accounting
  • Employee compensation plans
  • Budgets and projections for business combinations and new investments
  • Consolidations and joint venture formation accounting
  • Business profitability analysis and enhancement
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Fair value assessments
  • Comprehensive back office accounting and administrative staff support
  • Transaction support
  • Fraud and forensic accounting

Elite Accounting Services, LLC

Successful business owners, managers and executives depend on reliable accounting and financial data to make the informed decisions that lead to streamlined operations, successful revenue generation and expansion. Often this means securing top-notch external support. Through Elite Accounting Services, skilled specialists deliver comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping and audit support tailored to address specific needs and budgets. Well versed in a variety of accounting software programs, Elite managers and staff can work onsite at your location or remotely from one of their many offices. Our clients have found Elite a cost-effective solution, whether they require bookkeeping services on a weekly basis, variance analysis on a monthly basis, or audit schedules prepared annually. For additional information, contact Bob Daly directly at 646.449.6351.