Transaction and Financial Advisory Services

These are exciting times for companies preparing for or in the midst of transaction activity. After the most recent recession, activity in the M&A space is bustling. But are companies prepared for these high-stakes, high-pressure, time-sensitive transactions? Is there a formula to ensure a transaction’s success?

Of course not, because every transaction is unique with equally unique acquirers, sellers and lenders. However, there are markers that can point to success such as aligning the M&A strategy with the company’s overall growth goals, for example, and “institutionalizing” the process within the organization.

Experience equips us to scale our services to fit both the client and the transaction optimally.

At PKF O’Connor Davies, we use our extensive knowledge and experience to maximize value while minimizing risk. Our specialists understand the needs of both the client and the transaction, and scale our scope of services accordingly. We differentiate our transaction and financial services offerings through:

  • Broad Industry Experience Across a spectrum of industries, domestically and globally, in both the public and private sectors and with Fortune 500 corporations.
  • Laser-Focused M&A Specialization
    • Our senior partners have impressive records of success in high-profile venture capital deals and possess the insight and intelligence essential to making informed risk-reward decisions.
  • Rare Marketing Insight
    • Our partners leverage tactical marketing backgrounds that can prove pivotal in capital market transactions, which are often highly dependent on positioning, promotion and presentation.
  • Consistent, High-Level Support
    • We are actively involved at every stage of the venture from the initial meeting through strategy development and all aspects of due diligence to final closing.
  • Global Representation, Local Connection
    • Through our affiliation with the PKF International Network and their over 400 offices in 150 countries, we provide buyers and sellers with the benefits of
      seamless representation for exploring
      acquisition targets and also provide the
      following services:
      • Contractual Due Diligence
      • Corporate Finance
      • Forensic & Fraud Investigations
      • Litigation Support
      • M&A Transaction Support
      • Valuation & Appraisals

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