Webinar Replay: Impact Investing and What You Need to Know

This webinar provides an in-depth exploration of impact investing, with particular focus on opportunities and issues relevant to private foundations. Foundation and non-profit executives responsible for investment selection will benefit from these professionals’ combined insight and expertise in impact, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. 

Webinar Replay Here 

Key Topics: 

  • Best Practices for Setting Impact Investing Goals 
  • Designing and Redesigning an Impact Investment Thesis and Investment Policy Statements 
  • The ESG Due Diligence and Impact Investment Metric Selection Process 
  • Key Measurement Techniques 
  • Developing a Sound Legal and Tax Framework 

PKF O’Connor Davies 
Scott Brown, CPA, CGMA, Partner 
Anan Samara, EA, Principal

Featured Speakers:
Marc Rinaldi, CPA, Partner-in-Charge, Financial Services, PKF O’Connor Davies 
Jennifer Miller Oertel, Esq., Chair of Exempt Organizations and Impact Investing, Bodman PLC and Expert in Residence for Impact Investing, Council of MI Foundations 
Joshua Burgher, MBA, MS, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer, Golden Gate University