Recording of Virtual XPX New York: Ownership Succession and the ESOP Value Proposition

Following is a recording of the XPX New York virtual panel presentation on ownership succession and the ESOP value proposition held Thursday, April 23, 2020 with John Vitucci, principal, PKF O’Connor Davies and Harvey Katz, partner, Fox Rothschild. 

An ESOP can provide significant benefits to shareholders, management and employees of a privately- owned businesses by creating wealth, stimulating employee engagement, increasing business liquidity, protecting income and assets, diversifying ownership and increasing overall corporate stability.

Session topics covered included:

  • Insights on when businesses should consider an ESOP
  • How ESOPS can maximize economic and tax benefits compared to alternative options
  • The implementation of an ESOP
  • Valuation methods, repurchase liabilities and key players involved in ESOP transactions

Slides Here
Recording Here