Architecture and Engineering

Unpredictable workflow, volatile income and liability pressures can overwhelm even the most talented architects and engineers. Fortunately, experienced advisors can help find a balance with strategies that accommodate industry vicissitudes and promote long-term success.

At PKF O’Connor Davies, we know that architecture and engineering firms contend with uneven workloads, cash flows and revenue streams as well as liability concerns and variable staffing needs. To address these issues, which become even more difficult during in times of economic crisis, our clients rely on our bank of trusted advisors. Their expertise is critical to helping architectural and engineering firms help control costs, develop effective tax solutions and build scalable solutions essential to facilitating sustainable success.

Extensive industry experience is rare – and it is irreplaceable when it comes to helping architecture and engineering firms build successful and sustainable business models.

Our highly individualized accounting, auditing, tax and business consulting services are designed to drive the financial success of these professional services firms at every stage of their business lifecycle. Our experts make it a priority to assess key performance indicators such as utilization rates, billing multiples, overhead rates, net revenue per employee and working capital levels to gain a strong understanding of a firm’s performance and contribute toward its holistic financial growth. They help new companies secure startup capital and develop business plans, while helping established entities navigate business issues like stagnation, integrating new owners and stakeholders, compensation plans, employee benefits, business continuity and succession planning.

Our clients count on our rich experience and depth of knowledge in the architecture and engineering business to gain a distinct competitive advantage and ensure a continuously profitable future.

Our services for the Architecture and Engineering industry include:

  • Business and individual tax returns
  • Section 179D research and design (R&D) analysis and review
  • Tax deferrals and incentives review and strategy
  • Financial statement assistance and review
  • Outsourced accounting services
  • Overhead audits
  • Succession planning
  • Incentive compensation plans
  • Operational review and benchmarking analysis
  • Systems selection
  • Technology utilization audit
  • Employee benefits review
  • Employee recruiting and retention programs
  • Certificate of compliance section 179d consulting
  • IRS and taxing authority examination assistance and representation
  • Mergers and acquisitions consulting
  • Internal controls review and advisory
  • Fixed asset/depreciation reviews
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Individual retirement planning
  • Wealth management services for shareholders