Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Achieving significant growth is what every business strives for, but even the most well positioned organizations may experience financial difficulties due to regulatory demands, world-wide competition, a global economic downturn, or other factors. PKF O’Connor Davies understands the challenges that organizations face, which is why we strive to convert financial struggles into opportunities for recovery and resurgence.

Our skilled bankruptcy and restructuring team have the knowledge and expertise to help our clients, regardless of the financial challenges they face. We offer practical actionable solutions to improve business performance and guide stakeholders through complicated bankruptcy reorganizations while building collaborative relationships with investors, lenders, and other parties of interest, enabling us to offer clients valuable insight and impactful solutions. If your business is currently facing challenging times, please contact us and we’ll discuss how our global team can help.

We believe that where there is challenge, there is opportunity to convert struggle into recovery and resurgence.

Our Bankruptcy and Restructuring Team

Meet the exceptional Bankruptcy and Restructuring team at PKF O’Connor Davies – they are trustworthy advisors with a perfect blend of passion, professionalism, and acumen. They are seasoned experts and business strategists that know what issues are most important and how to help clients navigate them.  

Types of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can take different forms, but there are a few common types. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a business to keep functioning while it undergoes court-monitored restructuring, with the goal to eventually emerge from bankruptcy as a sustainable company. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for individuals and sole-proprietors, allowing them to develop a plan to repay all or part of their debts over a period of time.

Chapter 11: Business Reorganization

The goal of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is to restructure a business to make it financially viable once again.  Business turnaround and restructuring may include a change in ownership or corporate control, certain product lines or departments eliminated or consolidated, debt structuring and renegotiation, employees replaced or terminated, adjustment of assets and liabilities, and other important measures. For an experienced team of financial professionals who can help you with business reorganization, you can count on PKF O’Connor Davies. Get in touch with us today.

Benefits of Business Bankruptcy, Restructuring, & Turnaround Services

PKF O’Connor Davies helps businesses get a fresh start and a stronger foothold during times of transition and distress. The team at PKF O’Connor Davies has many years of successful experience helping countless organizations with our business bankruptcy, restructuring, and turnaround services. 

Our team of professionals, with access to over 400 member firms in 150 countries through the PKF International Network, will equip your organization with a differentiating advantage. As holders of Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor (CIRA) credentials issued by the Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors (AIRA), as well as Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) credentials issued by the Turnaround Management Association, we provide exceptional service in a variety of areas, including:

  • Pre-bankruptcy planning and subsequent collaboration and negotiation
  • Creditor, vendor, and stakeholder negotiations
  • Liquidation analysis
  • Transactional negotiations and structuring
  • Cash flow projections and needs analysis
  • Integrated financial modeling
  • Operational improvement and restructuring
  • Liquidity management and recovery
  • Reorganizational plan development
  • Evaluation of management’s turnaround capabilities
  • Future profitability evaluation
  • New sources of capital options
  • Debt structuring and renegotiation
  • Loan covenant waivers negotiation
  • Exit strategy formulation
  • Identification of strategic buyers/financial investors

Bankruptcy Consulting Services

Bankruptcy can be a complex process. While you focus on operating your business, the team at PKF O’Connor Davies will supply invaluable advisory services and vital guidance to help your organization navigate your case.

The key services we provide with our bankruptcy consulting services include:

  • Financial analysis
  • Liquidation analysis
  • Identification of causes of insolvency
  • Determination of viable bankruptcy options
  • Bankruptcy filing administration
  • Post bankruptcy consulting

When a business is in the middle of a bankruptcy filing, it can be a very difficult situation. We know this. On top of the daily tasks associated with running your business, having your staff manage bankruptcy issues can cause a multitude of other problems. Our seasoned team of professionals provide efficient, smart, responsive bankruptcy consulting services before, during, and after a bankruptcy filing. For more information on we can help you, contact us today.

Restructuring Consulting Services

The team at PKF O’Connor Davies has many years of practical experience evaluating business turnaround and restructuring options, assessing the level of financial difficulty the business is currently in, and developing an appropriate restructuring plan to convert a struggling entity back to recovery and resurgence.

Our key services include:

  • Restructuring Strategy and planning
    • Financial restructuring
    • Operation restructuring

Stakeholders need clarity during organizational restructuring in financially difficult times. Our experienced corporate restructuring team collaborates with clients to deliver business restructuring solutions that set the foundation for a business to recover and grow. Take advantage of PKF O’Connor Davies services today.

Turnaround Consulting Services

At PKF O’Connor Davies, we provide comprehensive turnaround consulting services to help your business emerge from financial duress to growth and resurgence. Our team of experts provide a wide range of services, including restructuring plan implementation, progress reporting, and continued financial management. Our services also include business strategy and growth planning, discovering new sources of capital options, evaluating the turnaround capabilities of management, and future profitability evaluation. With our proven, successful business turnaround process and value-driven approach, we can help your business achieve long-term success.

Don’t let financial challenges keep your business down. Contact the team at PKF O’Connor Davies today and experience the benefits of our unparalleled turnaround consulting services and how your organization can benefit.