Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Services (vCISO)

Driving results today means being active online. In our tech-centric world, however, cyber criminals are increasingly taking over the stage in the form of both external threat actors and trusted internal employees. Staying safe demands expertise and attention. When an organization’s size, resources and budgetary considerations make it impractical to employ a full-time IT security professional, it makes sense to secure this critical experience through a virtual Chief Information Security Officer or “vCISO.”

Exceptional vCISO support helps reduce data, privacy and regulatory risk and protect against reputational and financial liability.

External Expertise, Internal Insight

Today, there’s no substitute for an experienced information security and data privacy professional. When ours collaborates with you and your internal teams, the advantages are compelling.

Our vCISO helps develop strategic corporate security goals, implement and monitor effective IT governance, assure adherence to security policies and procedures, protect against threats and respond to breaches immediately and effectively.

Our vCISO program incorporates not only the technical expertise of overseeing the implementation and design of technical controls, system installations and configurations, but equally as important, the business acumen required to ensure the effective communication with management and board members that facilitates risk-informed decision making.

Advantages Unique in the Industry

As a recognized leader in cybersecurity advisory services, our vCISO is your direct link to a combination of rare benefits we offer that other firms simply cannot. These include dedicated cybersecurity and information privacy specialists as well as highly experienced IT operational and compliance professionals, all focused on business continuity, disaster recovery and incident response expertise.

As a result, our clients secure operational plans that reflect business-critical technology demands and information security strategies that align productively with IT administration – along with the confidence that they are monitoring for hacks, breaches, financial and reputational threats.

On your behalf, our vCISO assists with:

  • Security and Privacy Policy – Help plan and manage corporate-wide information security and data governance processes and policies including data classification standards, information security, privacy, mobile devices, remote workforce, and vendor management.
  • Compliance and Audit – Lead development and implementation of policies and practices to secure protected and sensitive data; ensure information security and compliance with relevant legislation, legal interpretation and stated privacy practices. We direct efforts to internally assess, evaluate and make recommendations regarding the adequacy of security controls for the corporate information and technology systems.
  • Vendor Management – Provide guidelines, vendor standards and due diligence on contracts and agreements; participate in approval and review of all new contracts adhering to established corporate standard, ensure vendors meet corporate vendor security policy.
  • Communication and Training – Support the creation of education and awareness programs encompassing cybersecurity, information, and privacy risks. Ensure internal dissemination and compliance enforcement of cybersecurity policies, procedures and best practices. Advise on all levels of security issues, best practices and vulnerabilities; mentor and implement professional development plans for IT staff.
  • Incident and Crisis Response – Provide leadership, direction and guidance in the event of an information security or business continuity crisis.
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing – Perform additional internal and external vulnerability scans along with external penetration tests to ensure the effectiveness of the program, provide an additional perspective and validate results.

As the cyber landscape evolves, your needs will change. Fundamental to the benefits we offer is that we are nimble in our response, focused in our attention and adaptable in scaling the services we deliver. Highly experienced and deeply knowledgeable, our vCISO serves as an incomparable resource, providing the support today’s managers require to protect against ongoing cyber threats that can devastate operations, profitability and organizational reputations.