PKF O’Connor Davies Establishes PKF O’Connor Davies University to Enhance Team Members’ Continuing Education

Foundational component of Career Development Program provides formalized, industry-specific opportunities for team members to pursue advanced training and certifications

PKF O’Connor Davies, one of the nation’s largest accounting, tax and advisory practices, today announced the establishment of PKF O’Connor Davies University as a formalized, enhanced approach to team members’ continuing education. Designed as a key element of the organization’s recently launched career development program, Pathways to Success, PKF O’Connor Davies University provides team members with an array of industry-specific training, coaching and certification opportunities that are foundational for career advancement.

“Establishing a clear and compelling career path for all team members remains one of our top priorities, and the extensive learning and professional development enabled by PKF O’Connor Davies University will be central to this ongoing effort,” said Brett P. Settles, Director of Learning and Development at PKF O’Connor Davies. “Through access to the latest tools, techniques and strategies, our team will remain in the best position to advance their careers and support our clients in their pursuit of long-term success.”

PKF O’Connor Davies University seeks to cultivate knowledgeable, innovative and insightful professionals through a variety of benefits geared toward career development, including industry-specific certification courses, audit, accounting, tax and advisory services training, relationship-building coaching and resources for continuing education. Beyond these specific opportunities, the organization continues to prioritize the creation of a workplace in which team members feel comfortable, a culture in which they can thrive, and other supports they need to set, reach and exceed their goals.

“We want our organization to be a place where our team members can meaningfully grow and develop their careers, and PKF O’Connor Davies University serves as an example of our commitment to professional development,” said Dawn V. Perri, Partner and Chief Human Resources Officer at PKF O’Connor Davies. “Our professionals will Know Greater Value through access to ongoing learning, training, certification and coaching resources that stretch their skillsets, strengthen their core competencies, and, ultimately, supercharge the value we provide our clients.”