Webinar Replay: Practical Strategies to Address Ongoing Supply Chain Disruptions

Supply chain interruptions are adversely affecting how organizations operate and increasing the cost of doing business. Managers, owners and executives in every industry are experiencing the shortage of chips vital to powering computers, equipment and vehicles. Inflationary pressures are driving up the prices of energy, food and supplies and creating delays in moving goods from port to warehouse so they are available for sale. In this webinar, PKF O’Connor Davies consultants Mark Bednarz and Larry Baye, along with Innovate’s leading supply chain expert Mark Milen, share some practical strategies to address these challenges and reduce the risk to your business. 

Webinar Replay Here

Key Topics:

  • The Current Situation and How We Got Here
  • Organizational Impact by Industry Sector
  • Practical Strategies for Tackling Supply Chain Disruption Challenges and Risks

Mark Bednarz, Risk Advisory Partner and Practice Leader, PKF O’Connor Davies

Featured Speakers:
Larry Baye, Risk Advisory Principal, PKF O’Connor Davies
Mark Milen, President and Founder, Innovate