Successful Transitions | Building and Protecting Business Value

Center for Private Business Owners

PKF O’Connor Davies offers private business owners like you an extensive set of accounting, audit, tax and advisory services. Our Center for Private Business Owners provides our specialists with a multi-disciplinary approach to address business, personal and generational priorities, allowing owners to focus on ongoing operations and growth. We have been working with private business sector clients for generations and are proud of the growth we have helped them achieve.

In this issue of Successful Transitions, we offer insights on business value protection; family and corporate governance; optimization of ESOP value and rewards programs; and how to achieve premium value when selling your company.

Operating A Privately Held Business

CFO Value Creation and The CFO | Value Protection Principles

Learn how the CEO and finance team can develop key strategies to protect business value, including a comprehensive and proactive de-risking approach. Read more >>

Intra-Family Transitions

Family and Corporate Governance: The Cornerstone of Successful Private Business Owner Succession

Effective communication and corporate governance create clarity for family businesses and support best practices and sustainability. With the right structures in place, family businesses are much more likely to succeed for future generations. Read more >>

Partner & Employee Succession Planning

Optimization of ESOP Value and Rewards Program

A skillfully constructed ESOP approach can transform a company’s total rewards expense from a “cost” to a measurable “strategic investment,” by motivating employees to do what it takes for the business to succeed. Read more >>

The Outright Sale

Obtaining Premium Value for Your Company

It’s a given that higher profit margins and revenue growth rates drive valuation multiples. Learn about additional steps business owners can take to achieve a premium value when selling their company. Read more >>

Book Club

Family Business Governance: Maximizing Family and Business Potential (A Family Business Publication) 2011th Edition is an essential read for members of family-owned businesses. Authors Craig E. Aronoff and John L. Ward show readers how sound governance is key to taking these businesses to continued success across generations. Find it here >>

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